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Conservation & Social Work

Our Evironmental Policy = Nature First
Chitwan tourism depends on the continued prosperity of our delicate nature. In all the activities and experiences we offer, our goal is to minimize the environmental impact and leave no trace when we travel. Our philosophy includes supporting local NGOs, INGO and taking an active part in discussing the development of wilderness and open spaces. We feel it is our responsibility to take nature’s side against ideas of heavy industry or new highway projects in unspoiled areas. We specifically concentrate on the protection of the Chitwan highlands against further grand scale operations, such as dams, power lines and all-year roads. Furthermore, we demand action for the preservation and protection of those sites already being spoiled by exploitation and construction. Through our business, we financially support that are preserving the beauty of Chitwan’s nature for future generations to come. Each year the company allocates 10% of our profit to the fund. A fixed amount of the tour cost is put toward supporting our Conservation and Social work.

Supporting Local Communities

We strive to offer trips that enable our customers to engage with local people. This is something that our customers enjoy because it gives them an opportunity to learn more about local customs and culture. We are committed to supporting local businesses, when possible, by using local transport and buying locally sourced food. ( DAAL – BHAT ! )

Waste and Resource Use

We follow the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” principle and have installed recycling facilities in all designated of our operations. However sometimes waste facilities are not available on hiking and so waste is stored until facilities can be reached.

Our Credentials

We are proud to recipients of various awards and recognitions for operating adventure tours in Chitwan, Nepal. Recognition of our efforts have been motivation for us to continuously improve in all aspects of our operations