Details about Activities

 Bird Watching:
Chitwan national park is known as a paradise for bird and bird watchers. Chitwan National Park records over 600 species of birds in ChitwanValley. The eagle eyes of our nature guide will show you residential as well as some of the migratory and globally threatened birds in Chitwan.

Jungle Walk:

While you go on foot you may get best sightings of common and rare animals such as greater one-horn rhinoceros, deer, sloth bear and royal Bengal tiger it depend on chance. On foot you will be walking at your own pace and you can have access to get into wide area of the park. More you extend your jungle walk you can see more rare wild animals and birds.

Jeep Safari:
It is one of the fastest way to get around the jungle. On this tour you will be exploring the core and wide area of the park it drives you through different types of vegetation to look at animals and birds as well as you will be visiting gharial hatchery farm at the headquarter of the park where you can get lots of information about how they bring crocodile’s egg, hatch, rear and release them at certain age in the wild.

Canoeing Trip:
On canoe trip ride you will be floating down to Rapti River by dugout canoe and you will be seeing lots of water bird and endangered species of crocodile like Gharial crocodiles basking on the river bank and wild animals that come frequently to drink water and bath.

20,000 Lake Tour:
Bish Hazari Taal (20,000 Thousand Lake) it is very attractive for the bird lovers and serves as an important bird watching place. There are various reasons to call the lake as Bish Hazari Taal. The meaning of Bish Hazari is Twenty Thousand (20,000). The first reason to call it Bish Hajar is: there were lots of small and big lakes and its counting is too much, more than thousand so it is called 20,000 Lake. Another reason to call it Bish Hajari is when we see the lake from the sky, the shape of the lake is like 20,000.This lake lies in the buffer zone of the ChitwanNational Park.

Tower Night Stay:
Probably this is the one of the best programme for spotting the wild animals. In chitwan nature lovers will certainly enjoy this extraordinary program in a deep and peaceful jungle to view and capture the photos of wild animals. Whole night stay is another benefit where you may have chance to see the nocturnal animals like Tiger, Leopard, rhino and other many birds.

Village Tour:
On a village tour you will be taken around the tharu villages. Tharu are the indigenous people living in the low land of Chitwan, Nepal. Traditionally they are farmer and practice their own unique culture. Their houses are made of mud mixed with cow’s dung plastered over the wood that stands with reed frames and walls.Our knowledgeable guide will describe their dependency, lifestyle and culture.

Chepnag Hill Trek:
Chepang are one of the indigenous communities of Nepal. These areas are home to the chepang people who lead a semi –nomadic life and have rich culture tradition. Due to their distinct life style and the remoteness of their homeland, this indigenous group belongs to marginalized groups of Nepal. Chepang hill trek is designed to lead through the homeland of chepang and their lovely villages in order to generate incom.  Possibility for them and to raise awareness about chepang culture among foreign and Nepalese visitors. The bird watching and other natural attractions will make your trek memorable with friendly Nepalese hospitality and their smile.

It is combination of hiking and walking activity in which people take multi-days trips in rural, un development area.  In another word, Trekking is making a journey/trip on foot, especially to hike through mountainous areas often for multiple days and along lovely mountains villages and enjoying nature and/or close contact with people in remote mountain villages where lifestyle sometimes is unchanged since many generations. Trekking is also done in risky mountain areas so it will help to gain more adventurous build up capacity to the trekkers’. Trekker will get knowledge that is more adventurous with the real life scenario in mountain areas or in remote area of Nepal.

Rafting is fun it is a water sport in  which you take a river ride through white-water with a boat the boat are designed for 4-12 people. Dealing with risk and the need for teamwork is often a part of the experience. Rafting on some sections of rivers is considered an extreme sport, and can be fatal. You can have the time of your life riding the waves, getting splashed and enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the river. Rafting is recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. This is often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water. Where you can feel nature and adventure experience in your life.