FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.What is meaning of Chitwan?
The meaning of Chitwan is CHIT means Heart and WAN means jungle therefore the Chitwan means Heart of Jungle.

2.Is Chitwan famous for tourism?
Yes, Chitwan is small town /village where there are lots of hotels, resort and lots of good restaurant where you will get Nepali, Indian, Chinese and Continental food. Chitwan is famous for wildlife tourism where you can see lots of bird and animals like greater one- horned rhinoceros, royal Bengal tiger, sloth beer leopard and wild elephant. This is first National Park in the country which was established in 1973 AD and listed in world heritage site in 1984 AD.

3.What are the costs for entering the Park?
For Nepalese NRS 150, SAARC countries NRS 1000 and foreigners NRS 2000.

4.What are the suitable dress codes for entering the Park?
Ans. Well, green is strongly recommended but if not possible other are acceptable except white, red, yellow or any brightness colorful clothes.

5.What type of tours do you offer?
Well, all the tours except related with animals like elephant ride. We do all kind of jungle safari tours liken jungle walk, jeep safari, canoeing, tower night stay bird watching, wildlife photography, rafting and trekking in all over Nepal

6.Is Chitwan National Park safe for doing safari?
 Safety is our #1 priority. While our highly trained and experienced guides do their very best to ensure that everyone on tour with us has a safe and fun experience, there is still a very low possibility that an accident can occur that may require medical attention. Therefore, we advise that all of our clients have insurance.

7.Can whole day or multi-day tours can join with other groups?
No its always private tours.

8.Is there ATM in Chitwan National Park?
Yes, there are so many as well as bank too.

9.Is there electricity and water available in Chitwan, Nepal?
Of course everywhere, every time

10.What is the average temperature in Nepal?
The average temperature in Nepal is 25 degree Celsius in mountain and hill side in Nepal but in terai like in Chitwan is 40 degree Celsius.

11.What do we need to bring?
Mosquito repellent, sun cream, hat, medicine, camera and binocular and camera would be nice.

12.How do I get in Chitwan?
Well, you can fly from Kathmandu or Pokhara by domestic flight like Buddha or Yati airlines it takes roughly 20-25 minute otherwise you can take private car or tourist bus which leave 7 am from Kathmandu or Pokhara which takes 6-7 hours approximately.

13.Is the country safe for political reason?
In a generally a safe though it has many political parties and leadership. But it does not make any effect of daily life residential and travelers.